About Me

Basil Greenwood

President, Phenom Fitness

American Aerobics Association International personal trainer
International Sports Medicine Association personal trainer
CPR certified
 Mission Statement:
At Phenom Fitness the focus is on you! We will take your fitness to the next level in order to improve your quality of life.
I have been a certified personal trainer since 2006.  I have been able to adapt the knowledge I received into the clients I currently service. In these past years I have learned so much from a wide range of clients that varied in experience, age, and fitness level. Whether helping someone lose those last 20 pounds to be healthier, or getting a high school athlete ready to play in college, I have been blessed to build several great relationships. Those relationships, and the new ones in the future, are the foundation for Phenom Fitness.  
My appreciation for physical fitness came during my time as a University of Delaware football player (’94-’99). That is when I had my first introduction to taking physical conditioning, strength, and athletic performance to the next level. Tony Decker was our strength coach, he emphasized pushing your personal limits, using proper technique and providing knowledge. He did this with a lot of energy, passion and a positive attitude. These are all traits that I try to emulate each day to provide for my clients as he did for our team.
In addition to personal training,  this fall will be my 15th season as an assistant coach for the Tatnall varsity football team. Coaching is another true passion of mine.  The ability to motivate and inspire my clients in the same way I do with my players is something I truly get to enjoy every day!