Basil Bio 2 Personally tailored physical fitness

I believe that an emphasis on personal fitness is beneficial for any individual. Some of these may include: increased physical and mental health, self esteem, and confidence. Regardless of where you stand in these or other areas, we can all do work to improve!

Each individual has specific physical, mental, and emotional goals. Whether you are trying to:

  • Lose weight
  • Be more active to increase energy
  • Become a more explosive athlete to improve performance
  • Or you are looking for a fun avenue to reduce stress.

At Phenom Fitness the focus is on you! We will take your fitness to the next level in order to improve your quality of life.

I have teamed up with RX Fitness, which is a perfect one on one personal training studio, where clients do not have to be a member or sign a contract.  The facility is located in Newark, Delaware and has all the necessary tools needed to get started!

Please contact me as I look forward to getting started on the new and improved you

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